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After more than 10 years in the world of sports and aerial, we have tried out most clothing ranges out there and decided that we want to create our own luxury brand without compromising on fashion or comfort. Our clothes are designed in London and made in Europe with 90% European origin fabric for our first collection. We will try to keep things as close to home as possible and use sustainable practices and eco fabrics where we can.


We know that every woman can be strong and independent like an Amazon and no matter what may come your way, when you enter that studio or hit the gym it is your time to shine.  At that moment there is nothing else, but you and your fighting spirit.  We want to fuel that confidence and make you feel like you can conquer anything in life.


We want to release the heroine within you and set her free.


We hope that you will not shy away from wearing our clothing range outside the gym or studio. We want to encourage you to show your body and not hide it. Be proud of it. Get styling inspiration through our suggestions on the product descriptions and become a Flying Amazon.


We have just launched so if there is anything we can do to get better or if you have any complaints, please do not hesitate to let us know. We love feedback and we take it very seriously. We will do our best to make you feel valued.



Fun Facts:

Do you know how the river and rainforest called the "Amazon" got that name? Apparently, the first European to explore the Amazon, in 1541, was the Spanish soldier Francisco de Orellana, who gave the river its name after reporting pitched battles with tribes of female warriors, whom he likened to the Amazons of Greek mythology. 

Did you also know that the myth of the Amazons was most likely inspired by the Scythian women who were found buried with their weapons and covered in war tattoos? 




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